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16 Apr Mr Chairman, Mr Edwards, Ladies and Gentlemen,. I have been asked, Mr Chairman, if there's any special reason for coming to Wales for the first big Conservative rally of this election. Well, yes, there is just one and maybe another, but let's start with just one first. I mean, where else should we kick off for. 12 May The latest series of Big Brother: Timebomb is sending the housemates on a time- based journey. Who will be Jade-Martina Lynch, 24, from Dublin; lives a polyamorous lifestyle, has pet rats, wants a pet bat Joel Williams, 19, from Cardiff; the youngest councillor in Wales – for the Conservative party. The desire for instruction is delightful ; I never saw any thing equal to it. O that we had the means of At 2, a public meeting for business was held ; brother Williams, of Castle* town, prayed ; brother Jones, of Cardiff, was called upon to take the chair, and the following resolutions were unanimously adopted. 1. 1'hat it is the.

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